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United States Update(04 Dec 2020) Snowfall in the Northeast


Once the center of low pressure passes into the east, then the flow will change and cold air will filter down into the northeast via a north/northwesterly flow. Due to the location of the center, this means the interior northeast will receive the cold air faster than the coastal areas will

ECMWF 500mb height Convergence and winds

Snow will continue to fall through Saturday night across much of New England. At the same time, increasingly windy conditions will expand as the storm system continues to intensify. Blizzard conditions will be possible in some areas, especially across Maine on Saturday night. Lingering snow will continue to target northern New England during the day on Sunday, with gusty winds accompanying the snow. By Sunday night, snowfall will largely come to an end across New England

snowfull maps ecmwf models
(ECMWF Total Snowfall Forecast (weathermodels.com

Snowfall totals in the Boston Metro area with a general 1-3 inches expected along the immediate coast and possibly over a half a foot west and northwest of the 495 loop. The bull’s-eye of heaviest snow will likely be farther north, A swath of 12-18 inches is expected, with some locales possibly tallying upwards of 2 feet of snowfall


















However, hot and dry weather will continue in the central and western states of the United States for the time being 

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